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  • Hello, Welcome to Zhangjiagang Joway Machinery co.,Ltd!
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    JWM(PET)-2L Economy Blow Molding Machine


    The company has integrated the advanced technologies of European PET blow molding machines, combined with its own R&D achievements, has developed various cost-effective PET stretch blow molding blow molding machines with automatic blank delivery and artificial blank injection molding machines. Volume from 10ML-10L, products are widely used in medicine, chemicals, cosmetics, food and other industries, product names are: mineral water bottles, juice bottles, pesticide bottles, perfume bottles, salad oil bottles, Coke bottles, syrup bottles, pure water buckets.

    1. The preforms are automatically fed and automatically arranged into heating tunnels in sequence. The forming bottles can be directly connected to the filling machine, eliminating the need for expensive bottlers.
    2. Pressure-type pressure-increasing die-clamping, high-speed action, reliable mode-locking and non-expanding die is designed to ensure the aesthetic appearance of the bottle-moulding line.
    3. Adopt high-end human-computer interface computer control system to ensure the accuracy and stability of the equipment operation.
    4. The drying tunnel adopts a single-group circulating heating design. The heating center of the preform is smaller and the heating speed is faster.

    The operation is simple and convenient, using artificial blanking method.

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