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  • Hello, Welcome to Zhangjiagang Joway Machinery co.,Ltd!
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    Zhangjiagang Joway Machinery co.,Ltd. brings together engineers and technicians who have been engaged in the research and development of plastic processing machinery and related molds for many years.
    The staff has rich theoretical and practical experience and can provide detailed and thoughtful services for the users' investment plans. The company can be vast The user provides: "Extrusion" blow molds, "Extrusion" blow molds, and three stations for blow molding machines and injection molding machines"Note--blowing" molds, PET preform molds, PET preform molds, hot runner cap molds, etc. The company specializes in injection blow mold design.
    Leading technology, can use various foreign brands (such as American WHEATON, American JOMAR, Italian UNILOY, etc.) Fully automatic 3-station "blow injection" molding machine blow molding machine manufacturers provide mold support, but also for domestic Fully automatic three-position injection blow molding machine manufacturing company provides mold matching services.

    For every customer for every second

    The goal of each of our employees

  • Blow molding machine
  • Mold product series
    Zhangjiagang Joway Machinery co.,Ltd.
    Address: Port Development Zone, Fenghuang Town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province (within KONE Group)
    Postal Code (P.C.): 215612
    Tel: 0512-58489828
    Website: www.jerkkies.com