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  • Hello, Welcome to Zhangjiagang Joway Machinery co.,Ltd!
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    High-speed rotary automatic stretch blow molding machine


    JWM(PET)-R series automatic rotary blowing machine is a high-speed rotary blowing machine developed by our company using the most advanced bottle-making technology in the world. The machine is widely used in the production of food, beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceutical containers because of its features of high automation, high intelligence, stable and reliable machine performance, high production efficiency, low cost, and free from contamination of intermediate links.
    Performance and advantages:
    - Automated embryoming and embryoning
    - Hopper type bottle blanks
    - Automatically excreted embryos are stable and reliable, automatically controlled to the embryo according to the material inventory
    - Rotary robot automatically embodies
    - Good sealing and no pollution
    - Warming system perfect
    - Revolution, automatic system is stable, uniform speed is adjustable
    - Embryonic tube is evenly heated during warming, easy to blow
    - Less energy consumption, heat resistance in each section of embryo tube can be easily adjusted as needed
    - In-furnace infrared lamp is equipped with ventilation cooling system, which can prolong the service life of the infrared lamp and increase the efficiency of the heating furnace
    - After the preform is heated, the temperature of the preform is automatically detected by infrared rays. If necessary, the temperature of the preform is automatically adjusted to ensure the consistency of the heating temperature of the preform, thereby reducing the reject rate.

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