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  • Hello, Welcome to Zhangjiagang Joway Machinery co.,Ltd!

    JWEB Series 2L-5L


    The company incorporates the latest technologies of plastic machinery manufacturers in Europe and the United States, combines its own design solutions, and designs a series of extrusion blow molding machines for customers with different specifications to meet different requirements. It is suitable for the production of hollow products such as PP/PE/PS/ABS/PC plastics as raw materials and volume from 5ML to 1000L. The products are used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, automobile, decoration and other industries. The product names are respectively : Plastic bottles, barrels, cans, tool boxes, car shaped hollow parts, automobile fuel tanks, hollow seats, trays, chemical packaging barrels, hollow bed boards, desktop boards, etc.
    1.H series is a new structure, using double linear guides and other technologies.
    2. According to the customer's output and product requirements, configure single-die and multi-die (up to 6), composite layer single to 6 layers.
    3. The electrical control system can be equipped with different brands first.

  • Blow molding machine
  • Mold product series
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